How to Use SharePoint

Whether you’re a new Office 365 subscriber investigating the flexibility of SharePoint or already an avid user, we thought you’d enjoy a few tips on how to more effectively use SharePoint within your company. Whether you’re a novice or a pro, learn how to get the most out of SharePoint in the cloud or on-premises.

Why SharePoint is good for your company

Now that you understand a little more about why SharePoint is good for your company, let’s take a look at how to use some of the basic features of the platform.

When creating a new site in SharePoint, think about what you want it to accomplish. Is this going to be a team site where everyone can share files and collaborate? Or do you need a place to store and manage specific project information? Once you’ve decided on the purpose of the site, give it a name and select the right template. There are many different templates to choose from, so finding one that matches your needs shouldn’t be difficult.

Once your site is created, start adding content! You can add whatever you like to the site: text, images or video. You can also include webpages and other information such as contact details, maps and more.

A SharePoint team site is a great place for initiating conversations around specific projects with your colleagues—especially when using tools like Yammer, which lets users ask questions, share files or opinions on topics happening within their company in real-time chat forums organized by groups. If you’re interested in learning how to use Yammer effectively within your business be sure to read our previous blog post about setting up an effective Yammer network.

SharePoint offers several benefits:

– It helps increase productivity by making everything accessible from one place;

– Helps make business processes more efficient across teams;

– Enhances communication through easy-to-use tools;

– Provides a secure platform for storing and sharing data.

Some of the top ways to use SharePoint within your company include:

– Using SharePoint to improve team collaboration and sharing files with your colleagues.

– Utilizing the platform’s powerful workflow management capabilities so work can be shared across teams, departments or even geographies without a hitch.

– Creating personalized sites for individual projects that only certain users have access to. This allows you keep information secure while also making it easy to share with those who need it most—the right people at the right time in the process.

– Integrating apps from other popular third party providers such as Salesforce, Dropbox and more into your SharePoint environment to bring together different business tools in one place.

How to use the basic features of SharePoint for your company

There are several features of the SharePoint platform that can definitely help you and your business improve. Here is a list of some basic ones: ~~

– Productivity: increase the quality and quantity of work done by employees.

 – Collaboration: improve communication within teams and across departments.

 – Searchability: find information quickly, efficiently, and without having to worry about storage or privacy issues.

– Customization: personalize the platform so that it works for your company specifically instead of just a general user base. These are all great features that can benefit any business in numerous ways!

What are some advanced features that can be used in a company setting?

There are also some more advanced features of SharePoint that can be extremely beneficial for a company.

– Records Management: store and manage important company documents in an easily accessible location.

– eDiscovery: find and collect electronic information quickly and efficiently in order to meet legal requirements.

– Social Computing: allow employees to connect with one another on a social level, increasing productivity and communication.

All of these features are great additions to any business! With the right planning and usage, your company can definitely benefit from using SharePoint.

Conclusion paragraph: SharePoint is a powerful platform that can help you and your team get more done. We’ve covered the basics of what it does, but we haven’t talked about how to use it effectively in an organization. The next time you’re thinking about using SharePoint for your business processes or projects, take this article with you as reference before diving headfirst into implementation. That way, instead of having to learn everything from scratch on-the-fly when things go wrong (or not quite right), you’ll already know where to look for solutions–and have them at the ready!

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